Vancouver Startup Week 2016

As Content Coordinator and Copywriter for Vancouver Startup Week 2016, I got my hands dirty in writing and organizing:

  1. A comprehensive social media campaign – #VanStartupLife
  2. Biweekly newsletters to the general mailing list
  3. Content Guidelines that dictated the tone, voice, and style of VSW2016
  4. Daily content (emails & social media) to our attendees
  5. External communications to sponsors, marketing partners, and event partners
  6. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and web content

Check out the samples below:

Email newsletter

#Vanstartuplife social media campaign

The idea is to showcase Vancouver's startup scene from within. Our goal is to encourage startups from around the city to show off any of the following:

  • Their quirky workspaces
  • Awesome company culture
  • Unique, every day wins
  • Sick Vancouver backdrops
  • Coffee fortresses

This is our chance to celebrate and highlight the startup community through a light-hearted, fun, and personalized campaign. The #VanStartupLife will also put a light on what it's like to work in Vancouver to those who are yet to be immersed in that community.

We got incredible traction on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 3.17.26 PM.png


"About this year’s theme"

When Vancouver Startup Week began in 2014, it was the first Startup Week in Canada. The overwhelmingly positive response and success of the event has since inspired communities across the country to host similar events. As we bring Vancouver Startup Week back for the third time, from September 26 - 30th, we’ve realized one thing: we are not alone. 

Here are the facts: the BC innovation and technology sector employs over 86,000 people and has outpaced the overall provincial economy for 8 of the past 10 years. It’s a vibrant ecosystem with great revenues and world-class innovation. So it should come as no surprise that multinational companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Electronic Arts have chosen to open offices here. 

We know Vancouver’s innovation and tech companies thrive when they are best able to leverage talent, knowledge, capital, and relationships both around the world and across the country. That’s why, for 2016, the Vancouver Startup Week theme is "Connecting Vancouver to the World." By aligning ourselves with the #BCTECH Strategy, our goal is to build and bridge relationships that support our community’s entrepreneurs and leaders. With this approach, we can:
  1. Access new markets
  2. Draw in capital from those markets through capturing the interest of international investors
  3. Attract top talent from across the globe
So how will #VSW2016 connect Vancouver to the World? 

Our planning team has been actively working to bring key individuals and organizations from hotspots like Silicon Valley, Seattle, Toronto, Ottawa, and around the world to Greater Vancouver. Think of #VSW2016 as the ultimate way to grow your global network. 

Starting even before the week officially kicks off, we’re bringing the Pacific Geeks Train up from Seattle, chock-full of investors and innovators alike. It’s the ultimate Elevator Pitch! Not to mention the opportunity to check out a Seahawks game beforehand. 

Vancouver Startup Week 2016 features numerous events with an international focus. We’ve got a panel discussion on "Bridging the Gap Between Vancouver and Seattle," all about building relationships on both sides of the border. Or, looking to expand beyond North America? Check out "Opportunities in the EU: Financing, Innovation, and Free Trade" hosted by the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West.

So what does “Connecting Vancouver to the World” mean to us? It means being confident in our contribution, celebrating our successes, and connecting our companies with both local and global opportunities. We hope you’ll join us in showcasing our tech and innovation community to the world at Vancouver Startup Week 2016. 

Everything else

Here's a range of email communications from the beginning, middle, and end of VSW2016:

Which #VSW2016 Attendee Type Are You?

Vancouver Startup Week Starts Tomorrow!!!

VSW2016 – Welcome

Thanks For Joining Us - Tell Us What You Think!

I was also responsible for crafting the Content Guidelines and website copy which can be found here


Whether it was press releases, Facebook live videos, hackathon promotional posts, or coordinating LinkedIn pieces, I had the immense privilege of working with an incredible team. The VSW2016 family celebrated small wins and big wins with late night Slack emojis, coffee celebrations, tasty dinners, and treating our banners like our own children. Cheers to VSW2016!