Amidst the alchemy of good friendships, we often hear: "what's mine is yours." It's a simple act of sharing, of ministering those around us to say, hey, I want you to have what I have and to know that I trust you.

Each person enacts this principle differently but I have yet to meet someone who lives by it as stubbornly and devotedly as Kenya. Kenya's level of generosity is at once trademark and nondescript. It's a lens through which he views the people around him. A dedication to giving so seismic that makes it easy to lose your breath – in amazement, in trying to catch up, in trying to say thank you.

This generosity of spirit isn't just about sharing jackets or shoes or beds (although it helps we're the same size). It's about insisting, "Let's Skype my parents so they can offer you information and support." It's about patiently going through the hiragana alphabet until the fog clears up. It's about sharing experiences, and not just things. And sharing things, with the knowledge they will lead to shared experiences.

Kenya's big-hearted rhythm is the fruit of another one of his superpowers: honest listening. A type of listening intended to understand each person within their own world. And to say, without charade or shame, "I don't know about this or much about that, so tell me more."

This makes Kenya keen to hear stories, learn from them, appreciate them, and ornament you with flattery throughout. A style so warm and welcoming, it's bound to leave you in high spirits.

So to a kind, caring, and cool Kenya: Happy birthday dude.