I have a hunch that we'll look back at this time, and Tony will have quietly built a monument of prosperity. His work will be coded in the fabric of our lifestyle, taught in university courses and fundamentally changed how we work.

Diligence – that's the key. He enjoys efficiency and refuses to do anything half-heartedly. Tony is someone who enjoys dictating his own learnings: setting parameters, goals & milestones. You can see it in the millions of projects he works on and the mileage on his bike.

What he follows is a philosophy of: the more you give, the greater you get.

It's the current of Tony's magnetism: he's kind-hearted, generous with his time and talent, and cares deeply about his friends. He thinks deeply. He's not picky, but rather particular. He knows exactly what he wants (most often an In-n-Out burger) and goes about getting it with precise pragmatism.

Tony also has a characterful composure. You can tell he calculates his steps and plans for possible outcomes. And when things go awry, that's the inventory of Tony's humour.

We were on holiday in San Francisco and after a lion's share of exploring, we wandered the neighbourhoods of Outer Sunset. We stopped outside a Thai restaurant when suddenly, a rogue dog bites Tony's leg. We rushed to the UCSF Medical Centre and got all the necessary procedures.

Tony's response to all that? "I hope you eat chocolate, you stupid dog". 

I hope you eat In-n-Out burger, you splendid dude. Happy birthday