Josh treks between the conceptual, the spectral and the personal without much signage. He traverses them wandering and wondering.

There's always a depth to the conversation, implied but not proven. Inner chambers full of ideals and ideas and at a switch of a button, he'd start joshing. It's a constant game of guessing if he's being serious or silly.

Yet once an idea takes root, Josh would seek to chase it, challenge it, uproot it. If it sticks, he defends it with such zeal that his earnestness becomes infectious.

The obstacle becomes the way.

That means Josh is the one consulting the boardgames rulebook most. His appetite for accuracy makes him a constant deliberator and tenacious calculator. Someone whose love of wisdom and reasoning is boisterous but punctuated by Borat impressions and Chance the Rapper lyrics.

But in the end, Josh is a philosophical fiend. He craves questions and answers and questions the answers. It's his currency of trade.

Søren Kierkegaard speculated that the mind might function best at the pedestrian pace of three miles per hour. That's why he advocated for walking.

Right now, Josh is somewhere south of the Sierras, hiking the Pacific Coast Trail that goes from Mexico to Canada.

Other than the achievement, the adventure, the awesome outdoors, Josh is someone who uses landscapes to understand himself and the world: both physical landscapes & digital landscapes. He's a gamer, a hiker, a cyclist, a drummer.

To a lifelong friend: happiest of birthdays & enjoy the expedition.