I looked over to my right and there she was. We exchanged a nervous, hopeful & bewildered smile. Is this really happening? Then, breaths held, a nod.

Lights undimmed and we stepped on stage: Mr. & Mrs. Cochair.

Co-chairing the #ubcslc was my university pinnacle but to have Serena by my side was what made it possible.

In working together, I found a friend and a conversation partner: someone that informs my self-creation and self-discovery. Someone who makes sure I never forget my mistakes and takes every opportunity to bring them up.

I quickly learnt how Serena would often grow quiet and purse her lips, studying the situation like an astrologer examining how the movement of stars affects our life. She knows how important it is to take time away from the multiplicity of things and practice observation.

She likes to know the lay of the land with scientific precision before charging head on. That makes her careful and caring.

Serena is a powerhouse and a lifelong accomplice.