The greatest gift we can give is that of witness: to be fully present for another in all their triumphs & all their vulnerabilities & all the unremarkable moments in between.

Not saying, not doing, but being there – with no exception and no expectation but to be with them.

It molds all those unremarkable moments into the vigor of friendship. And it's this sweet and subtile companionship that Hassan has gifted me more than anyone else.

We've lived together, travelled together, we've shared the same role, the same teams. At one point, we shared the same calendar, knowing we lived mirrored days. We share the same name.

So where can I even begin? Hassan has been the witness, the confidante to most everything. We've made enemies and best friends of printing machines. We've stayed up late talking about our theories and getting macarons. We've argued how best to fix his car. He taught me how to drive, he picked me up after being stranded in a storm, he welcomed me at the airport after being away.

Hassan's clever and calm intuition means he's the person most responsible for me navigating those overgrown landscapes of life. He's the one I can unleash my full humour in front of and the immediate antidote to my anxieties.

More than anything, I admire Hassan's character; that illusive inner compass that shows up when things gets messy or magical. He is immeasurably cherished by all, which is only one touchstone of his reliable, soothing, trustworthy & robust heart.

He guides those around him with his generosity, his characterful forgiveness, his ability to be at ease with everyone and everything. After all, he's the most resourceful person you'll meet.

To a powerhouse of dependability and forever the grill master: happy belated.