Liebz (Sarah)

As a kid, I loved bugs. I would scrutinize the grass for pill bugs & watch commonwealths of ants navigate the pavement. Every now and then, time would crawl to a stop when a butterfly lands nearby. With the precision and patience of a spider, I'd try to catch it. Breath held. My hand extending millimetre by millimetre.

"Mom, look!"

Between my thumb and index are the wings. I would study the jostling legs for a few seconds and let go. The butterfly would flutter off, perplexed and pleased. But what remains is the multicoloured dust on my fingers, despite how delicate I tried to be. It would linger and light up my world.

The same thing happens with Sarah. We've seen one another twice in the past year and a half. But the joy lingers – it gets imprinted. Like she took a crayon and made a rubbing onto the topography of my hands. I carry it with me and begin to enjoy the bizarre & the banal.

We no longer call each other by our names. Instead, we use "Liebz" — our shortened slang for Lieblings, or 'favourite'. Details of our shared experiences are no longer important, just that we spend time together.

She said, "Sometimes, you need time to miss people." I like that idea. That it's also important to miss those we adore.

Sarah carries honeycombs of wisdom, care, and cheer. But what I love most is the slowness that sometimes radiates – a resigned conviction that there is nowhere to hurry to, that here is.