When your friend mails you Nutella from the other side of the globe, you know you've got a friend for life. Kaitlin Flemons (@kaitlinflemons) and I have a long history together: from crying at the end of watching Dorm Life for the 12th time to buying matching floral caps to singing our lungs out at the Band of Horses concert. We've seen the magic of Angus & Julia Stone together and without fail, we have entered into a Facebook relationship every April 1st (after which, we decide to consciously uncouple).

Here's what you need to know about Kaitlin:

1. She's the biggest fan of popcorn. If you ever say the word popcorn, she appears out of thin air.

2. This girl walks through life with a trail of sparkle and her glimmer rubs off on anyone she comes across. Despite the many misadventures she has (crutches or failed milkshake caf├ęs or trouble at work), she always picks herself up and braves through them elegantly. 

3. Kaitlin is also one of the most generous; she has opened her home for me every Easter and Thanksgiving. I had no tradition of celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving (the big turkey family feast, etc) until I experienced the welcoming kindness of her & her family. I cannot express how grateful I am. 

4. There's also no mystery whatsoever about how Kaitlin feels. If she's happy, everyone knows it and if she's annoyed, her grumpy face says it all. This makes her easy to confide in and a very open person - both amazing qualities she gifts to those around her. This meant working together on the Advisor Auction was easy and super fun!

5. Last, but definitely not least, Kaitlin can be very gullible. In a cute way.

So here's to Kaity Flems, the person who probably knows exactly how to annoy you but equally, how to make you laugh.