Julie is a Scholar of adventure. For me, she embodies the momentum of a sportswoman, so much so that when she asked to go to the Gastown Grand Prix, I was trying to figure out which of the cyclists was her. Turns out, she just wanted to watch and wasn’t in the race herself. She laughed off my misunderstanding; I don’t think I was far off.

Julie casually completes triathlons, smoothly cycles 500km in 5 days, and goes on lengthy treks like it’s a walk in the park. She’s at home in nature, every weekend on some sort of adventure. That’s why her Instagram handle is accurately @probablyoutsidejulie

Part of me thinks she chose to study Geo Engineering just so that the immense amount of work would tether her inside. Even then, she’s the ultimate householder: constantly baking, practicing her accordion or tending the garden. But don’t take her domesticity for dormancy, it’s a temporary mode until she can go out again and explore.

Bad hair days and bad haircuts aside, Julie doesn’t allow the weight of doing good and being good paralyze her. She crafts her identity in relation to her world: adventurous, humbling, caring and unruly. This makes Julie an enabler of the best kind. She challenges my every ‘but’ with a ‘so what?’

She is one of the most spiritual people I know and a big believer in how personal growth leads to collective growth.

Julie is quick to give, Julie is ideation, Julie is a terrible pun.