The best way to have coffee is with a hint of sugar, some cardamom and Glenn.

Glenn is one of the wisest women I know. She's always pulling her intentions into the center of her heart - a linen tapestry of curiosity and mindfulness. Her quest for greater purpose, greater joy & greater enjoyment is mesmerizing.

She continues to teach me how life is a search for the things we love. Whether it's a poem we carry around with us or a taco we can't stop photographing. That's why she's on my Personal Board of Directors - I consult her with any life changes or questions.

Each interaction gets rushed with the knowledge that there’s too much to share, to love, to ask before the day is done. After all, Glenn is the richest friend I have: her wealth measured in generosity of spirit, forethought, and chai recipes.

Anyone who meets Glenn immediately notices her knack for an elevated conversation and how her laughter paints the world in pastels. But while the spoken is pretty wonderful, sometimes the unspoken is where the best stuff is.

No screen, no camera, no words, no language can capture the warmth of Glenn's face. The first thing you hear when you see her is the songs in her smile. It lifts all sorts of spirits like an early spring. Candid. Genuine. Listening. It's this freshness that I love most; it resensitizes me.

Glenn and I have learnt to read the cues of one another's expressions until we began to share them. (Yikes) But I can never seem to grasp her soulfulness, her style, or her creativity. I feel like a better book with every turn of the page.

So Glenn, thank you for your kindness and wisdom.