I met Corina Santema on the dance floor.

She’s always at this party, at that event, at every Pit Night. Who was this girl? How does a dancing queen become the campus queen? I wanted to know more. Before long, our paths crossed and we ended up working together for the SLC and campus tours.

To say Corina, or CoCo, stands out is the biggest understatement - she is over 6 ft. But it always amazes me how much pizzazz, positivity, energy, and enthusiasm she carries with her. She’s the type of person who will lend a hand no matter what. She’s someone who finds happiness in bringing people together. She’s that best friend who believes in you just as you’d like to believe in yourself. Don’t let go of people like that.

I am often dumbfounded by how much Corina is incredibly accomplished and humble. She applies 100% of her energy to whatever is in front of her - a voracious dedication that makes her that person you see everywhere. Somehow, she does a million things at once without ever complaining of being tired, then asks, “How are youuu doing?” It’s rare to come across a magician like that.

CoCo taught me that if you open yourself up to the world, you’ll make that world around you stronger. She also taught me the importance of choosing the right partner in crime; I have never met someone who enjoys laughing as much as she does. It has prompted the question, “Is she on something?”

So here’s to Corina - the stylish social butterfly, genuine leader and thoughtful confidante.