Did you know ‘hyphenate’ is a noun, not just a verb? A hyphenate is someone who is active and excels in more than one sphere. Anne-Sophie is a hyphenate. A polyglot-politician, a friend-mentor-confidante-companion.

She's also a chocolate-lover, a cheese-connoisseur, and a library of open books. But Anne-Sophie is also a hyphen: a connector of communities, a bridge of ideas, and a break when things get too heavy to bare.

She calls me on the phone, we talk about the news and forget ourselves. And when today's headlines clot in our blood, she gently says, "let's make dinner."

I met Anne-Sophie and our friendship burst forth with an affirmation of a hundred years. I met Anne-Sophie and she opened a door I didn't even know was closed.

When you share with someone something you love, a book or a movie, there's the delicate thrill of rediscovery. They make you notice new folds and new notes. A day with Anne-Sophie is a day of rediscovery. "Wait wait wait have you read that article? What about this author?"

She's the most thoughtful person I know - in both senses of the term. She's caring & kind but also pensive & full of thought. She is always the first to prepare a card, welcome you back, or check in on a friend.

A pair of pearl earrings and a pile of postcards - although Anne-Sophie is the definition of class, don't be fooled. She’s climbed Everest base camp, lived in rural China, stolen Nutella from a Frenchman’s apartment.

To Anne-Sophie, a natural leader and a magical friend.