It all started when...

I had sushi with Katty Wang. Katty is part of young start-up that was determined to change the old ways of Vancouver's rental and housing market. Their mission, their passion, and their conviction pulled me in and I was hired as Copywriter and Content Marketer

The work included:

  • Creating the content guidelines that dictated tone, voice, brand style, etc.
  • Writing all email communications and notifications to platform users: landlords, tenants, visitors, and general public.
  • Creating social media campaigns and content – Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn
  • Website copy and marketing materials.

Email communications & notifications

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About Cityecho

Whatever happened to borrowing a cup of sugar from the neighbours? Well, we may not do that any more but we still believe neighbourhoods should be sweet.

That’s why we at Cityecho are on a mission to champion trust and community back into the Vancouver rental housing market. We are individuals, students, families, professionals, and homeowners who believe the approach to finding, and providing rental housing can be much better than what it is today.

The first thing we have for you is our Rentopedia tool. It’s just like an encyclopedia but for all the rent prices in Vancouver (see what we did there?). Plug in your address and your monthly rent and find out if you are paying less, paying more, or paying on par compared to your neighbours. We hope this tool will give you a better understanding of what areas fall in your budget and to see if your rent is actually crazy. That way, the next time you’re looking for a home in Vancity, you have all the fun data points to help you along.

Our next step is echopay. This platform will allow you send or receive rent online – whether through direct deposit, credit card, or pre-authorized payments. The days of paying rent with post-dated cheques are over. It will even make your landlord love you for not having to go to the bank every month.

But echopay is more than a payment platform.


Cityecho is just starting. And as it gets bigger & brighter, I look forward to the learnings and challenges it will offer.