Hi, my name is Al. 


I often wear bowties and when I'm not, you can find me in a turtleneck. I'm a chocolate lover, a people-person, and a firm believer in the fascinating ideas that take shape when different fields come together. That's why I did a degree in English Literature and Microbiology & Immunology.

I love brand strategy: the problem-solving, collaborative process of getting to the heart of a brand’s purpose and thinking about the best ways to bring that to life.

In past lives, I've been a Copywriter, an Animator, a Web Developer, a Project Manager, but now I'm a Strategist. And the co-host of the CreativeMornings London chapter. 

I'm always looking to learn something new & to tackle the next brief. 


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The Publications

I completed a double major in Microbiology & Immunology as well as English Literature at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). That means I got to study how the Black Plague affected medieval literary works and all about the bacteria that was behind it!

Finding and exploring multi-disciplinary connections is my passion. Below are two of my publications that are equally fascinating but vastly different. 

Construction of p-ANPT, a Novel pBR322-derived Plasmid

Co-authored and published a research paper in the Journal of Experimental Microbiology and Immunology about the construction of a new pBR322-derived plasmid without Tetracycline resistance. 


Language as Power: The terminology of contemporary mass movements

Co-authored, designed, stylized and digitized this book about phrases of mass movements that include "Occupy Wall Street" & "Adbusters".